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1 A Nonparametric Approach to Data Analysis on Road Traffic Accidents
2 A Non-Uniform Bound Approximation of Polya via Poisson, Using Stein-Chen Method and Ω –Function and Its Application in Option Pricing
3 Non-Homogeneous Birth and Death Processes
(Particular Case)
4 Mathematical Modelling Of Cattle Culling Using Least Square Method
5 A New Transformed Test forAnalysis of Variance forSkewed DistributionswithaUnivariate Goodness of Fit
6 Implicit Hybrid Block Six-Step Second Derivative Backward Differentiation Formula For The Solution Of Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations
7 An Analysis of Stock Market Prediction Based On Stochastic Approach
8 Ratio Estimation of Teacher to Students In Junior Secondary School In Gombe Local Government Area
9 Moments of Extended Erlang-Truncated Exponential Distribution based on k - th Lower Record Values and Characterizations
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